The TFPC is committed to offering the following services to Texans who wish to help achieve our vision of a Falls Free Tomorrow:

Evidence-Based Programming

In order to reduce the high cost associated with falls, evidence-based programs (EBPs) and other fall prevention tools have been implemented across the state. These EBPs have been rigorously evaluated and found to promote health and wellness and/or prevent negative health consequences (6). Below is a list of EBPs and tools that are either currently being provided in Texas or are encouraged by the TFPC:

  • A Matter of Balance (AMOB)
  • Otago
  • Stepping On
  • Fit & Strong!
  • Tai Chi for Better Balance
  • STEADI Toolkit

By March 2018, the TFPC aims to host a map of available evidence-based fall prevention programs on its website.

The TFPC also currently participates in the evaluation of evidence-based programming efforts across the state.

Collaboration of Fall Prevention Efforts

The ultimate goal and purpose of the TFPC is to unite fall prevention practices across Texas. Our subscriber list totals over 180 individuals from a variety of organizations, including healthcare, state and local govern5ment, and academia. Combining resources and ideas from various professions allows the TFPC to strive for the most effective fall prevention strategies.